Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Funny Ferris Wheel

Okay, ten months and still counting. Its been about ten months since I got to this glorious city Bombay. Yes and I say Bombay because I have always known of it as Bombay. Every summer vacation of mine was spent in this city,which was the monsoon season in Bombay. So we would spend a good month and a half here with our grandparents. I never once thought I would land up in this city let alone venture the thought of this city being a permanent base for me (well at least for now). I've lived in five cities so far in my life, Kuwait, Abu-Dhabi, Bangalore, Chennai and now Bombay, and Bombay just stands out, like this huge bee hive of buzzing people.
There is something about this city that no other city in India has. How ever fast this city is, it's fun, versatile, spirited, and a complete cocktail of cultures. When I first moved here I didn't really think I would survive too long, but to my luck I started meeting people in the tiny little indie music industry that we have here. And they are probably the reason I got motivated. You see people here who are struggling to do what they believe in and survive somehow. Everyone will bitch about the rents and how expensive it is to stay here but inevitably they manage. And that's what keeps me going. The fact that there are people who are not willing to give up on their dreams regardless. And thats the way it should be :) 


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