Thursday, 30 September 2010

Scared you will forget about me !

Ever had that feeling as though something has left you out of the blue without any notice. Like you own an apartment which you have rented to a nice person, and one fine day when you just go to check up on things, the apartment is empty? Things just don't make sense sometimes. And the fact is a lot of us are so used to this non sense that we start to accept it as the way things are. In fact when it makes sense thats when we freak out because all of a sudden non sense becomes the usual and sense is the unusual.
It has been this on going process of having just a few who stick by you regardless of your beliefs. And when one of these people suddenly leave your apartment with absolutely nothing left except for maybe a phone number what do you feel? Betrayal? No. Loneliness? Maybe. A fear that you are soon to be forgotten? And not that you will be forgotten as a person but being forgotten as the person you were to this individual in this apartment...................... yes !..... the memories, the nights of uncontrollable laughter, the deep discussions about what life holds etc., the support system that you were to each other.... the apartment is empty.... will I forget you? I'l try my best not to... but will you forget me?...... its one of my insecurities !


  1. I came across your blog in a very random way..from some blackstratblues somewhere i clicked wrongly.

    Just found your posts intriguing. Hope you write more


  2. You found me through a Blackstratblues page.. hahaha thats strange and funny... :D.... thanks... haven't blogged in a while but will soon for sure... cheers... :)